Journey to Craigmaw Castle

3rd Session

After the party cleared the Redbrands out of the basement under the abandoned manor house near Phandalin they proceeded to secure the location and prepare it to serve as a home base for future adventures.

After securing their home base the party discussed the different courses of action that lay before them. Whether they should deal with the reports of undead and orcs in the countryside surrounding Phandalin or if they should instead try to locate the goblin fortress Craigmaw Hold in order to rescue Gundren Rockseeker.

The party ultimately decided to attempt to rescue Gundren. The party managed to sneak into a the hold through a portion of collapsed wall. They quickly subdued the guards and ambushed the Bugbear leader of the Craigmaws, King Grol. King Grol was in negotiations with a doppelganger servant of The Black Spider. The Party subdued the doppelganger but the creature committed suicide upon capture. The party did however secure Gundren Rockseeker and his map to the location of Wave Echo Cave.



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